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Defenders of the Parallel Economy
Who We Are
Andy Leitermann

Founder and CEO of Liberty Spectrum, Andy has over 10 years of IT and cybersecurity experience, including leadership roles at both Timcast and PublicSquare. Now he's excited to bring that experience to the broader parallel economy market, streamlining IT and cybersecurity for small to medium-sized businesses with a technology stack designed from the ground up to help manage the risk of ideological cancellation. As Director of IT for PublicSquare, he transformed the company's IT infrastructure from a small scrappy startup through to its eventual IPO, while accommodating a 3X growth in company personnel, and fortifying system security against active and future attacks. As CTO of Timcast Media, he built the iconic Timcast IRL studio, while leading all technical operations, including the web and app development teams, IT, cybersecurity, and physical security systems - all amid constant cyberattacks from a range of highly motivated threat actors, and over a dozen attempted SWAT attacks. In his spare time Andy enjoys aggressive inline skating, and spending time with his wife @SourPatchLyds, and their new Sour Patch Baby.

Lydia Leitermann
Chief Communication Officer

Better known by her Twitter handle @SourPatchLyds, Lydia thrives in her role managing client and partner communications by leveraging her exceptional customer relationship skills, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to building strong professional partnerships. Her capability in communications management (and cat herding) was most notably exemplified in her previous role as producer and guest coordinator for the Timcast IRL news livestream where for over 3 years she could be seen every weeknight from 8-11pm switching cameras and dishing out spicy hot-takes on the show. Lydia is a multitasking machine, balancing Liberty Spectrum with her role as a dedicated wife and mother to her new Sour Patch Baby.